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Thread: Off topic- does anyone here have a Costco membership and is it worth it?

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    Off topic- does anyone here have a Costco membership and is it worth it?

    Was just wondering if getting a Costco membership was worth it? Does anyone have a card?

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    I do but I have a diet coke addiction that makes it worthwhile. Other than that we buy chicken,
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    Are they much cheaper than supermarkets?

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    I looked into this a while ago. I think it depends how many people there are in your household and also what storage facilities you have. There is only me, I have a tiny freezer and a small flat. Buying in bulk is not really an option for me, so I decided it wouldn't be worthwhile.

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    My partner and I have Costco cards. I do like Costco and a lot of the things are quite a bit cheaper than in normal supermarkets (though I find that fruit and veg are similar prices). I have found the cards to be handy as I can take my mum shopping there and she can stock up on loads of meat, household goods (decent quality toilet paper is really cheap and washing powder / fabric softener is cheap too), alcohol, soft drinks etc. Like AnnaFaraday said, if you've got the storage space for it it's great but if you're only going for a few things it's probably not worth the membership.

    If you've got a friend or family member with a Costco card it might be worth asking them to take you one day (you can take 2 guests in on one card) so you can see it for yourself and then decide on whether you think it would be worthwhile for you.
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    Thread moved to off topic

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    If you wear glasses, it is well worth it. I got an eye test (with photos of my eye etc), and 500 worth of glasses/prescription sunglasses (high street prices), for less than 200.

    Their little cafe thing does a mean jacket potato and beans for next to nothing as well
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    I have a card as I make loads of preserves and sugar is much cheaper. Also cooking chocolate and glace cherries for my baking.

    That said, I buy loads of fruit and veg there. A huge pineapple is 1.99 and their raspberries are gorgeous all year round. A little punnet I bought in Aldi last week were small, sour and going mouldy! I do buy in large quantities as I eat loads of veg. 2 kg red lentils is only 1.99. I also get tinned chickpeas and tomatoes. Some things are better bought at Aldi if you don't want so much.

    Also a friend has got me on as his employee, so I pay half the fee I would if I joined through work.

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    If you don't mind buying most things in bulk then it's good value. I used to have free membership through my old job.
    i would go once in a while but spent a fortune lol
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    I'm a member and I love going. Wouldn't say it works out much cheaper in fact some of the study works out more expensive even buying in bulk with offers supermarkets have on nowadays so you have to be careful.
    Also be careful of use by dates, I got caught out with milk last time I went.
    What I love from there is the meat the quality of it for the price you pay is amazing! The flavour of all the meat has been delicous that I've had.
    I think going with a friend would be a good idea to get an idea of what it's like

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