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Thread: Snacks for Students

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    Snacks for Students

    Hi everyone, i need snack idea's for low syn of free snacks when i'm at home at night and i start to feel peckish. i'm not too keen eating frozen vegetables as snacks. but i am open to other things.

    can anyone give me any suggestions?

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    If you are like me and fancy sweet tooth kind of snacks then I've been recently adding in 2 x finger Kit Kat (5.5 syns) as a treat to my SW diet

    or Pink & Whites (the marshmallow/wafer things) are only 2.5syns each and they are quite big!!

    Other than that this week I've just been sat next to a bowl of grapes and picking at them xoxo

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    I really like Aldiss cheese curls, think it's 99p for 10 packs and they are about 3 Syns a packet, also like the lady above said pink and whites, I pop mine in the microwave for a few seconds so they plump up, it's very gooey and takes longer to eat! I make up little treat bags using sandwich bags of things for a certain allowance, so say I had 12 Syns remaining, It would contain low syn treats so I can sit and munch out guilt free, I often have a few werthers sugar frees, tutti fruitys, homemade jelly sweets, low cal cereal bar, etc

    It's great cause it takes me a while to get through it, but I wouldn't be without my treat bags now lol x

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