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Thread: Ready meals

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    Ready meals

    Hello was wondering if anyone could recommend some reasonable syn ready meals? For the odd lazy day. Sorry if there's already a post I did do a search. Thanks

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    It depends what kind of food you like and what you think is a reasonable amount of syns really? Things like Pasta 'n' sauce are free or low syn depending on which flavour get.

    Alternatively when you are cooking could you bag up an extra portion and stick it in your freezer? That way you are getting a 'ready meal' but you know exactly what is in it and that it is SW friendly You can also freeze your slimming world chips so theyre ready to throw in the oven for 30 minutes (ish depending how you like them) Cut your chips, cook in a bowl in the microwave for 7 minutes, fry light generously and a bit of salt. Leave to cool. Bag and freeze A nice comfort food for when you cba to cook

    Things like casserole, soup, chilli, are all fab freezers.
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    Hiya, thanks for your reply. I'll definitely be doing the chips like you said & freezing. There aren't usually left overs as my sister & our children are having the meals but I should def spend a day cooking some up and then having those in the freezer. I made a nice sw macaroni cheese with a Coleman's four cheese sauce which was 8 syns a portion which I think's reasonable if you've been good with your syns during the day. I've been using about 8 syns, 11 on a couple of days. I've been on it a week tomorrow so it's weigh day eek lol.
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    Slimming world doesn't really work well with ready meals, even jars of curry sauces etc are high syns. Great idea to freeze things

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    Asda chosen by you lasagne is only 5 1/2 syns and tasty. , the Chinese chicken curry (again asda chosen by you) is the same. Both reduced calorie ones I don't have them often but good to know when I fancy a curry and not cooking loads just for me!
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