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Thread: superfree and superspeed

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    superfree and superspeed

    I'm a relative newby here. I am doing this at home as i cant get to a SW class. I understand that 1/3 of my plate should be superfee (I am following the EE plan). However I am getting confused with the fruit and veg side of what is free, what is superfree and what is superspeed and what (if any) is the difference between the superfree and superspeed. Is there anywhere on this site where there is a complete and up to date list of superfree foods.

    Many thanks

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    SUPERFREE is your fruit and veg fresh and frozen. It doesn't not include peas sweetcorn, pulses beans potato or sweet potato they are starchy veg and are free only.

    superspeed foods are foods that will speed up your weightloss these will have a (s) next tot hem if they are a speed or a (ss) if they are a superspeed in the book. SUPERFREE can be superspeed foods. However free foods can also be, such as tuna, chicken, baked beans.

    when your third plate must be third SUPERFREE this refers to veg salad fruits only regardless of whether they are a superspeed or not. Hopes this helps x

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