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Thread: Feeling pretty low today :/

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    Feeling pretty low today :/

    Is it just me that has off days? I feel like I've lost nothing this week!! Today we had steak for dinner, it was done in the oven but as I didn't cook it they cooked it in olive oil! Got a feeling today's food is gunna effect my weigh in x

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    Nope, it's not you at all. Last week I wasn't following plan 100%, hardly any veg & fruit ate out twice, both times eating chips. This week I'm back on it, and if the scales say the same on Monday as they did this morning, it was totally worth it.

    It is just 1 day, just 1 meal out of 21 for the week and tomorrow is a clean slate, just call the oil a couple of syns just to be sure.

    We all have our off days, you'll get back on it

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    You will be able to pull it back, don't worry. I hope you enjoyed the steak!

    I think weekends can be really tricky as everyone seems to be tucking in wherever you look. You're not alone by any means.

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    Steak is a dense meat and doesn't absorb much of the oil it is cooked in. So don't worry about it too much.

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    I'm sure you wont have done much damage with one meal if you have stuck to the plan overall, and there are much worse things you could have had!!

    I know how you feel though, it is easy to get hung up on a little slip, especially if you feel like it was forced upon you. Sure you'll feel better about it tomorrow and will see a good loss at WI regardless.

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    Don't worry honey! You can sort it out! Come WI I bet you'll surprise yourself. :-)
    2015, my year <3

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