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Thread: Is what I am eating ok?

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    Is what I am eating ok?


    I have just registered to the forum for advice from people on slimming world who are having success.

    I am on SW nearly 4 weeks now and I am eating consistent SW foods, i think...

    Here would be the route i have taken

    Awake each morning at 8am but my first meal of the day is 10:30 every day. This would be Flahavan's Oatlets Porridge (Monday - Thursday) made in water, topped up with a dash of full fat milk and a tablespoon of nutella. On (Fri - Sun) - i eat 1 fried egg (1 cal spray), 3 bacon (grilled and without fat), beans (2 slices of brown bread)

    Lunch 1pm - Rice or Baked Potato with skinless chicken and then either cabbage, turnip or peas added (sometimes 2/3)

    Fruit - 3:30pm each day i chop up 1 of the following - banana, apple, mandarin, kiwi, pear, 2x strawberries, 5x grapes and then topped up with fat free natural yoghurt

    Dinner - time varies but sometime between 6pm and 9pm - this meal could vary - sometimes it's 2 chicken fillets, potatoes (cut into chips) par boiled and made in air-fryer, longrain white rice, garlic, onions, carrots, peppers and topped up with a knorr stock cube curry powder for flavour. Glass of Diet Coke.

    Another dinner option could be pasta, lean mince, garlic, peppers, onions, puree and small bit of dolmio sauce from jar (syns)

    Another option would be a stew - potatoes, lean mince, carrots, salt, pepper, tyhme, rosemary, parsley, garlic, onions, stock cubes

    a 4th dinner option, mashed potatoes, peas, coley fish.

    If still peckish, i will have a muller light as a treat.

    This has been consistent for 4 weeks now.... Am i doing it wrong, should i amend it in any way.

    Thanks in advance for advice.

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    Your food looks good. Although if you are eating the same foods you may get bored and go off plan.

    I started off 2 years ago literally having Quorn mince in chopped tomatoes type meals but it got so boring! There are so many recipes on minimins and usually try a new recipe every week!

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    Your superfree could be better incorporated into your meals. With the exception of dinner your breakfast and lunch are a bit lacking. Peas for example are free but not SUPERfree. Is your lean mince, Nutella etc synned? How many syns are you having a day?

    Are you consistently losing?

    Although your food list appears detailed it actually lacks vital info to judge. For example I take it your porridge is a HEXB? What about a hexA? How much water are you managing.
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    would you try and mix things up a bit? Like you could have an omelette and add lots of Superfree for breakfast. Def need more information like what do you use as Hex a & b? Homemade soup for lunch? Again can get lots of Superfree in and very filling

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    Have you posted your food because you're not losing as much as you thought or is there another reason?

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