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Thread: accurate scales?

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    accurate scales?

    I don't go to class and do sw from home and use my own scales to weigh myself. I recently went to my GP for a routine check up and her scales weighed me at around 4lb less than mine at home!

    What scales do you all use at home (if you do) and are they accurate? I want to buy some more so any recommendations be welcome

    p.s I'm defo going to take my GPs scale reading over mine haha! surely they will be correct.

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    Do you live anywhere where you can go to one of those ones that prints you off a little receipt with your weight on? Might be good to have the receipts as a little thing to help keep track in lieu of a book and certificates?

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    I use the glass weightwatchers ones, had them for about 2 years and they're still working perfectly. I love them

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    I use the glass weight watchers ones too & havent had any problems. I guess the main thing is to always use the same scales & the important thing is that the weight is that the weight on the scales is going down x

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