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Thread: Exante or Slim Fast

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    Exante or Slim Fast

    I need to lose about 60ish pounds and think that meal replacements would be a good place to start. The more choice I have the trickier I find a diet .... going into a sandwich shop is beyond tempting! I think that if I get at least some of the weight off it will motivate me to keep going. Plus if I am not thinking about what to eat I can focus more on adding in healthy habits like exercise!

    Exante sounds interesting and the food choices look pretty good but so does Slim Fast - I do like milkshakes!

    My worry is that as I have so much to lose I will get saggy skin if I lose weight fast. Do you end up with more excess skin if you lose more than the 2 pounds a week that is so often recommended? Also I worry that there isn't any muscle under all the fat!!

    Cost is also a consideration so I am deliberating! I don't want the support of meetings or telephone calls as that is really not me and I don't have much free time at all.

    Which would you recommend?

    It has got to the point now where I can FEEL how unfit I am and I just want to get healthy and I want to be down to a reasonable weight. x

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    Hiya! I don't know much about either plan, but it is true that the faster you lose weight the more chance you have of getting loose skin. There are lots of other factors which affect it too, of course, but the one thing you keep seeing referred to is speed of loss. A steady 1-2lbs a week is recommended, as you say, so that would probably indicate that you'd be better with SlimFast, but no doubt others would disagree! The only thing I can talk about from personal experience is calorie counting, lol. Good luck with whatever you choose. xx

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    Going off reviews my OH did prior to starting LT a lot if folk stated they didn't loose as much in slim fast as other plans. I've sampled Lipotrim, Slim & Save and Keediet. All 3 do shakes, the last 2 do meals as well. Also if you are over a certain weight they have an extra pack so you therefore wouldn't loose weight quite as quick as being on the lowest calorie plans, but you'd still loose faster than your typical diet. Usually the biggest loss is in the first 1-14 days but most of that is excess water, bodily waste and glycogen leaving your system. Once you get into ketosis (the basis of all these plans) then your losses slow down to an average of 1-4 pounds a week, but the good news is that's actual fat. There's a few folk on the forums who are on these plans and had a lot to loose and as far as I'm aware none have had a problem with excess loose skin. I guess it depends on your age and skin elasticity more than anything. And the web based diets don't force you into meetings but support is there should you want it. Lipotrim requires a weekly weigh in when you collect your packs as it's mostly chemist based.

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    Hello! I have done slim fast before, quite successfully. Lost 2st on it and kept it off. Found that I started eating too much during my evening meal and so weight loss stalled. Went a bit mad a for about 6 months trying different diets, lost a bit, got bored, put it back on etc but I've still maintained that 2st loss.
    I have personally decided to do shake that weight as I hate the porridge, soups and bars offered by other brands.
    The best advice I can offer is find a plan that suits you and stick to it! As for saggy skin, can't help much on that as I still have 4st to lose. I've taken up yoga and Pilates in the hope that will tone me up and minimise the sag!
    Good luck with your weight loss journey
    Andrea xxx

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    Exante or the cambridge weight plan. ive lost three stone in 3 months its hard at first if you do the total meal replacement but once you get the hang of it it gets easier. )))

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    I have been doing Exante for about 28 weeks over a period of 33 weeks accounting for time off and I have lost 11 stone 4lbs


    Week 1 - 14lb off
    Week 2 - 15lb off
    Week 3 -7lb off
    Week 4 - 6lb off
    Week 5 - 5lb off
    Week 6 - 5lb ON
    Week 7 - 11lb off
    Week 8 - 8lb off
    Week 9 -
    Week 10 -

    23-04-13 0st 0lb
    29-04-13 Weigh In 14lb Lost Total 1st 0lb
    06-05-13 Weigh In 15lb Lost Total 2st 1lb
    13-05-13 Weigh In 7lb Lost Total 2st 8lb
    20-05-13 Weigh In 6lb Lost Total 3 stone
    27-05-13 Weigh In 5lb Lost Total 3 st 5lb
    03-06-13 Weigh In lb Lost Total 3 stone
    10-06-13 Weigh In lllb Lost Total 3 stone 11lb
    17-06-13Weigh In 8lb Lost Total 4 stone 7lb

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    Slim fast and Exante are totally different. sf isn't a vlcd you won't get into ketosis and you won't have the big losses.

    I'd recommend Slim and Save or Exante you can have shakes and a low cal high protein meal too but still be on a vlcd and have great losses

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    I'm on Cambridge, but have heard very good things about Slim and Save and Exante.
    Personally I find Slim Fast a horrible taste, and prefer Cambridge shakes.
    As for excess skin, keeping active, drinking enough water, ensuring your vitamins and minerals are in plentiful supply, taking a liquid iron supplement such as Spatone, and keeping protein intake high, you will do the best you can for your skin. It's a shame there isnt a magic treatment for it to stop any excess skin for definite though.
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