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Thread: Day 3 on SW and vomiting

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    Day 3 on SW and vomiting

    Hi all,

    I am hoping someone could possibly shed some light on my experience.

    I joined SW yesterday but followed the lifestyle from Monday after doing a lot of research. I'd previously tried a lot of recipes over a month in the summer (only evening meals though) and my fiance and I really liked them considering all or most were syn free.

    I don't have a great deal to lose but weight has been fluctating since I now work from home since last Oct and do very little exercise (I'm 5"4, almost 10st and have lost 4lb since Monday and tbh didn't expect it).

    I've been weeing an awful lot and certainly not been starving, but my stomach has felt a bit fluidy if that makes any sense - I feel an instant up in fruit and veg has made my stomach feel a bit iffy.

    Today, out of the blue (10 mins ago in fact), I vomited hard after eating two small baked potatoes, half tin beans, cherry toms & crab sticks... earlier today I have had bran flakes and 1 portion of healthy scrambled egg and lean grilled bacon.. I've felt like I've been really getting in to this. Possibly eating more than before but only when hungry. I'm looking forward to a syns tonight with my chicken curry.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this or heard of others? Does it take time to adjust?

    Everything else is fine but in no way do I do vomiting One of the worst feelings in the world. My stomach is settling now - just sipping on water.

    I was briefly sick on Monday but I had just got a new soup maker and had made a very basic veg soup as a trial which turned my stomach.

    P.S my stomach doesn't turn as much as it may sound.

    Thanks in advance

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    sorry to hear about your bad experiance! has it stopped now? i know in my first week of been on sw i was on the toilet 24/7! but im presuming that was because of all the fruit and veg!
    Hope your okay!

    Betty x

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