On track - day 4

by denise42
, 22 Minutes Ago at 01:53 PM (0 Views)

Was up early for work today 6.15, i had planned my meals for the day so off I went with my box of left over chicken salad and fruit salad, I got to work at 7.15 to be told there was a shut down...I could have stayed at home...ah well

I am now at home which previously could be deadly as I am always mooching for something to eat....not healthy good stuff either.

To be honest this time it feels right in my head, I'm not actually striving to be thin or a size I can't maintain I just want to be comfortable which might be a size 14 or a size 16 it might be 10 stone it might be 12 or 13 stone I don't know but when I get there I'll know.

Last night I did something I never thought I would....I threw chocolates away....yeh in the bin they went and the bins have now been emptied so no rummaging in desperation (I wouldn't actually do that) there are other unhealthy foods in the house, but you know what...I'm not tempted I really want to do this.

Anyway todays food is as follows

Super Free Food
passion fruit

Salad vegetables x2

Free Food
Chicken Breast
SW Chilli con Carne - left overs & not yet eaten
Natural Fat Free Yogurt

HEA - 175ml Skimmed milk - half allowance
HEA - 1.5 babybel cheese

HEB - 35g Porridge Oats made with milk (1/2 milk allowance & water)

2 tsp low cal ceaser dressing (1 syn for 1tbsp)

Not too shabby really... I'm also getting into these fruity teas, just bought another 2 flavours Mango & Strawberry and a Peach & Cherry Blossom green tea. Mango & Strawberry is nice not tried the other yet, also a free sample to try of Blackcurrant & Rhubarb...will let you know (currently on offer in ASDA for 1.00 - Twinings)