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Thread: Just dont get this new plan

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    Slimming for my children
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    Just dont get this new plan

    Reading up and finding it rather restricting even tho u can choose two items?
    Can't think of what to cook x

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    Shepherds pie?
    Ham egg n chips? (Chips cooked in frylight)
    Tuna pasta sweet corn?
    Poached egg on toast?
    Hopefully I given u some ideas xx

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    Simple start is only surpose to be used for a maximum of 2 weeks and than you can either get rid of your 2 treats and add 49 points to your free foods or go on the pro point plan hun xx

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    Go straight to pro points if you don't get it x
    Starting again!
    11st 9.5lbs
    Week1: 11st 2.5lbs (-7lbs)
    Week2: Missed Group
    Week 3: 11st 2.5lbs (STS)
    Week 4: 11st 2lbs (-.5lbs)
    Week 5: 10st 10lbs (-6lbs)
    Week 6: 10st 8lbs (-2lbs)
    Week 7:
    Week 8:
    Week 9:
    Week 10:
    Week 11:
    week 12:

    want to lose two stone

    Lose 7lbs - done
    Lose 5% - done
    Lose 1stone - done
    Get 2 silver 7s - done
    Lose 10% -
    Get below 11st - done
    Beat last goal - done
    Get 3 silver 7s
    Get below 10st 3lbs (always get stuck here)
    Get below 10st
    Get to goal of 9st 10lbs

    Do ALL of the above by 1st April 14

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    Rather comfy here

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    Weight to Lose: 1st8lb
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    My leader has said if you want to do simple start but can't work with the treat list then you can change it to having 49 weeklies. This is also the advice in this month's magazine.

    If you're really stuck for recipes have a nosey at the SW recipes sub folders. There is a fountain of knowledge and would fit easily with the F&H food

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