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Thread: 138lbs currently... bit of advice needed!

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    138lbs currently... bit of advice needed!

    Hi there!

    I'm just wanting a bit of advice and viewpoint. Started WW in Jan 2012 (11st 4lbs) and got down to (9st 11lbs) in 7 months. My weight has gone up and down since then but usually stayed around the 10st mark (give or take!)

    I lost 6lbs before xmas following pro points and (again weight has fluctuated since then) but weighed in at 9st 12lbs this morning which is in a healthy BMI for my 5'3 frame and i am 24 years old.
    However, I'm still not happy with my body!! I think I want to aim to get down to about 9st (so a 12lb loss) however I am unsure as to what I should do to make this happen? I am wondering whether my body will need more of a kick start since I haven't got as much to lose??

    I tried Simple Start last week (but was on so my body wasn't really being helpful!) and I felt I ate MORE on it but did go down to about 9st 10lbs. So am wondering should I go back to Pro Points or could I follow Simple Filling and lose the same weight???

    Also, I carry most of my weight on my stomach and thighs so does anyone have any exercises that they would recommend? Was tempted to do the 30 day plank & squat challenges and I have a treadmill so wondered if running would be a good option to help drop the weight and tone.

    Sorry if none of this makes sense lol! But if it does and anyone can offer advice then please it would be welcomed
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    I have very similar stats to you. I'm. 25 and started Jan 2013 at 11st 7 and got to target at 9st in November via a very scenic route. I am 5ft 2 so a bit shorter but similar. I found that the weight stopped coming off at around 10st and that was one of the main reasons it took me so long to loose the weight. However, there is also good news as once I really got my mind back into it and followed the plan properly I found the last half a stone just fell off me. Very strange and I know some people really struggle with the last but but maybe you're like me and are having that struggle at 10st? I followed the propoints plan for my whole journey. Having previously done SW I know that portion control is an issue and I gained on simply filling when I followed it for a week last year despite running a half marathon that week but you don't know until you try. All I'm really saying is hang in there, it really did get easier for me!

    As for exercise, have you done any running before? I do a lot of running and find that it doesn't necessarily help with weight loss but it definitely makes me feel better in myself and more toned. Just take it steady to start with but make sure you run regularly to keep your basic fitness. My problem with running used to be that I would run religiously 3-4 times a week for about a month but then wouldn't run for 2 months so would always be back to square 1. I now run 2-3 times a week (once outside, others on treadmill) and find it much more manageable.

    If you have any other questions, give me a shout. I've been there!

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