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Thread: Feeling shaky?

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    Feeling shaky?

    I was just wondering if this was happening to anyone else....

    The other day I felt very weak and shaky and just plain weird. I drank a diet tango and then felt better. Last night I did 35 minutes on my Wii Fit and felt exactly the same. This morning I feel it again. My hands are shaking and I feel shaky and weak inside. I assume this is due to my body readjusting to the diet I am on but it feels horrible. I almost feel unsteady on my feet. Does/Did this happen to anyone else? What did you do to rectify it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've had a few moments like that on days where I haven't drunk much, think it might be dehydration as once I've had a drink I'm much better. Are you drinking enough?


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    If you felt better after having liquid it sounds like it could well be dehydration. You could also have low blood pressure which might give you the same symptoms.

    Hypoglycemia can also cause the shakiness but if it went away with a diet drink, it's unlikely to be that as you usually don't feel better unless you eat something if it's blood sugar.

    I'd say, eat little and often and make sure you drink eight glasses of fluid a day and if that doesn't do the trick, get the doc to check your blood pressure and give you some advice.

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