Hi people, I've just joined here as I have only joined slimming world last Friday and need help as I don't actually go to any meetings. My partners mum has been on slimming world for a very long time and she is doing so well. She has explained how slimming world works but I still get confused!! I am a vegetarian so am on green days everyday. Please tell me if I am having enough. breakfast; 2 weetabix with 250ml semi skimmed milk plus a banana lunch: a slice of thick 50/50 bread with 1 quorn burger with grapes and 2 satsumas dinner: homemade spaghetti bolognese made with quorn and salad syns: 1 packet of walkers baked crisps. 1 bag of fun size maltesers, table spoon of tomato ketchup thank you for your help xx