cambridge diary

  1. J

    Cambridge weight plan diary

    Hey I’m jo I’m on the Cambridge weight plan sole source 1A and I’m only having x3 shakes a day. I’m on day 10. I have about 37 lbs to lose to target. My start weight was 12 stone 1. My current weight is 11 stone 9. I have my next weigh in on Tuesday at 1:30. I done so well in the first week but...
  2. KhaleesiMotherofDragons

    Step2 810kcal Diary

    Hi all, I just wanted to keep a diary and maybe find some others doing the same step at the same time. Im on step 2 i have 3 products and a 200kcal meal i have tried SS but prefer this one, i know alot of people prefer SS. Today was my 2 week weigh in with my consultant ive lost 15lbs in the...