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    Costa Frostino

    Today I went into Costa with a friend. She had a hot drink which I didn't really feel like having so I thought to heck with it I'll have a small (skinny) salted caramel frostino with a coffee shot, thinking it would be made with ice cream or something... Then while drinking it I thought I'd...
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    Anybody know syns in a large iced americano from Costa? ☺
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    Syns in Costa speciality lattes?

    I like the vanilla, cinnomon, roasted hazelnut and caramel lattes! If I ask for a medium one with skimmed milk, how many syns would it be?
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    Costa and Starbucks syns please??

    At Starbucks I'll have the pumpkin spiced latte, what would the syns for this be please If I asked for skimmed milk? Also Costa I will drink the speciality drinks, which are, roasted hazelnut, vanilla and caramel, with skimmed milk! Does anyone know the syns in these please?