healthy extra

  1. danielle36

    Hi-Fi bars

    I love the Hi-Fi bars that are in this Review of Hi-Fi bars! I would honestly be lost without these bars. Does anyone else love the chocolate ones?
  2. I

    HexA Cathedral City mild cheddar towers

    Hey all, Just found out you can have 2 of these 'cheddar towers' from Cathedral City as a HEX. Otherwise they are 2 1/2 syns each! I was pleased to hear this and thought I'd share- great for those of you cheese lovers who are 'on the go' or for those of you who want to save the job of weighing...
  3. M

    Healthy extras not in app?

    are there healthy extras that are not listed in the SW online planner ? I was hoping to get some packs of porridge oats & use as a HEB for breakfasts