1. Christa Bass

    First weigh in, lost only half a pound, tell me it gets better!

    Hello all! I've been creeping on the forums on here all day, getting great tips and information from a lot of you. So thank you. Yesterday I weighed in for the first time and thought I'd followed the plan to a tee but only lost half a pound. Honestly, I was gutted and ran out of group without...
  2. Lehairycrab

    where am I going wrong demotivated!

    Hi guys I'm hoping you get some advise from you I've been to SW before and got to target without any problems through Feb - Dec 2012. Shortly after I fell pregnant and stopped going to group for my own reasons (plus the fact that my consultant was really pushy for me to take the newbies under my...
  3. M

    Syns in oyster sauce?

    Hey, I love stir fry's. Does anyone know how many syns there are in a tbsp of oyster sauce, or if there are any? Please help