1. HellieCopter

    Instagram for SW inspiration?

    Hello team :) Does anyone use Instagram? I have used it generally for ages but decided to set up a separate SW account so I can post as much SW and food related stuff as I like without bombarding my normal timeline with food and syns, haha. Can anyone suggest good accounts to follow? If anyone...
  2. Pierce

    Instagram Embed

    So first things first open up your Instagram app and find the picture you want to embed. Remember your account must be public! This is one of my uploads to the miniminsdotcom account. Now at the bottom right there is 3 dots tap that. This should appear on screen. Tap copy share URL...
  3. Kylaa15

    Wow...Last signed in 2013!

    HI GUYS!!!! So I have nooo idea what I'm doing, or if I'm doing this right? I have managed to get a hold of my old account and reading some of my posts from 2013, crazy stuff! Anyway, When I last posted I had moved out of my Bf's mums into our own place.. we are still living on our own!(Yay)...