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  1. Catwoman38

    ~ Back on the straight and narrow again 2016 ~

    Back to the grindstone of weight loss after putting on 3st in the past 5yrs. Would like to get back down to around 11st this year and maintain. I joined this site in 2010 when i started Lighterlife - GREAT DIET :) And i hit my goal weight of 10st in May 2010. Now i'm trying the - Juice Plus...
  2. Mini

    Juice Plus Juice Plus

    As we do not have a forum for Juice Plus we have added a prefix for Juice Plus to the Low carb diet forum so it will make your diet and others doing it easier to find. We have also, added it in the general forum of All Other Diets.
  3. Catwoman38

    Juice Plus

    Hi All About to start the Juice Plus diet plan as i need to shift 2st. Anyone else on this diet and have any advice and useful tips ? Thanks :)
  4. Catwoman38

    Back again after 5yrs - starting Juice Plus. :)

    Hi All I joined this site in 2010 when i started LighterLife to loose 3st. I achieved my goal but unfortunately i have gained a couple stone and now i'm about to start Juice Plus in next couple weeks to get it shifted. Be great to hear of any one else's experiences on the Juice Plus diet as i...