1. J

    Porridge HEXB

    Can I use the oats so simple original as healthy b as I've heard you can't as you can only use the big bowel. Any help is great. Thanks x
  2. Fuerte


    i used to love the poridge. I started the diet again 3 weeks ago and decided to have my poridge. I been saving it for a treet. Yuck - it was vile. I added a pinch of salt - still yuck - the added a bit of sepia to sweeted - still yuck. The text ture was horrible and the taste discusting??? I...
  3. NikolaLuigi

    Healthy Extra B help

    What does everyone use their hex B on each day? When I'm at work I usually use it for a sandwich as it's easiest, but at weekends I struggle to use it and often have just a slice or two of toast to use it up! Apart from Alpen bars, has anyone got other Hex B suggestions? Can I use weetabix or...