1. Destamia

    Can I have 1 fish please?

    Hello to everyone, I saw in my dreams that I need to make a thread called " Can I have 1 fish please ?" So here I am. This is a thread about SW friendly fish dishes. Everything you can think what to do with fish, anything you want to share, please you are more than welcome to post it here...
  2. T

    Ideas for Salmon

    Hi. I'm just restarting SW and can't stop eating baked Salmon steaks & salad with hard boiled egg and salad potatoes. ..I don't want to get bored so does anyone have any other ideas for salmon? Thanks
  3. marybobs

    Extra Easy Fish Cake Recipe

    Hi all, I'm looking for a recipe for Fishcakes that are dairy free. I have both smoked fish and salmon in the house but no idea for a recipe to use and every one I find has either fromage frais or some form of cheese. Which is not good for me. I'll all for drinking Almond milk in my cereal or...