slimming world syns

  1. P

    M&S Our Best Ever Burger Syns? Slimming World

    Hi all, I am rejoining slimming world after a bit of a naughty few months and currently making meal plans for next week before i go food shopping! I have some food in the freezer that I'd like to use up this weekend before it's filled with healthy stuff! One of them is the M&S Our best ever...
  2. LanzaroteGirl

    2 Hex B for vegetarians?

    Can I have two Hex B and 2 Hex A , may start following the slimming world plan,I would like to know if 1 Hex b could be a wholemeal sandwich thin? And 1 Hex B for a Jaffa Cake light Alpen bar? Are Quorn wafer thin ham slices counted as a free food, are they syn free? Xo
  3. S

    Ilumi meals syns

    hi I was wondering if anyone could look up ilumi gluten free meal syns? I'm mostly looking for the meatball syns Thank you!
  4. LeanneB94

    Extra Easy Inferno Pizza syns, please help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to slimming world and mini mins, there is a recently new pizza place around the corner from my work and during our monthly meeting are discussing getting one in to share. I was wondering if anyone knew the syn values for their pizzas? They're thin based and can be topped...