1. Fuzzy_1135

    March summer challenge

    Hi everyone, I am new here and need to give myself a challenge to help me stick to plan and lose some weight! I have a few weddings and holidays coming up this year and want to slim down for the summer! Do you feel the same? Set yourself a challenge and an end date. Don't forget to mention...
  2. T

    7 month weight loss

    Hi all, I booked our summer holiday today and have 7 and a half months to go! I’m 5ft 11 and currently weigh 17st 4 :( and dress size leggings! Literally don’t own a single pair of trousers that fit as don’t want to admit how big I really am. I would eventually like to be around the 11.5 stone...
  3. C

    Wedding Slim Down Challenge

    Day 1 02/06/16 Weight: 10.8 stone It's officially day 1 of TS for me today. Having been on and off with exante for the last 2 months I've shed 14lbs. My starting weight was 11.8 stone and I am now 10.8 stone. At 5ft 1 unfortunately it's not the most healthiest of weights to be for my height...
  4. N


    Hi I'm starting CD on Tuesdsy and am looking to shift 2st by the end of May/early June. I did LL some years ago and lost 3st but it's crept back on over the years. I've did CD too last year but the timing wasn't right for me so I gave up after a few weeks. This time I'm properly motivated...