1. F

    Extra Easy Dairy free syn free meal ideas

    I've been following slimming world for 5mths now & 6 1/2 lb from target... Over the past 3wks only lost 2lbs and think I need to switch things up abit foodwise. Any meal ideas ?.. FYI- I hate potatoes & don't eat much pasta (about once a month). I normally use cauliflower rice instead of real...
  2. hananafritters

    Help to set a target weight

    When I started slimming world a few weeks ago I set a goal of losing a stone and a half which will bring me to 11stone and half a pound but I feel that I ultimately would like to weigh less than that. I have a goal in mind of 10 stone 7lbs but I have in the past been 10 stone on the dot but I...
  3. L

    Target weight concerns

    Hi, I've been doing slimming world for just over a year and have lost 10.5st. I was discussing my target with my consultant tonight and it seemed like my target range is really low. As in I'm worried I will look too thin if I reach it. I know it's based on bmi but for the clothes size and...
  4. healthyobsessions

    Which scales?

    Hi everyone :) I'm new to this forum and have been doing SW from home for the last 40 weeks with a loss of 4st and have passed my original TW but decided to loose a little more. My scales have broken and today is weigh in! I can't buy any until Friday so I'm in a bit of a rut :( Anyway, I was...