vegetarian syns

  1. lippylisa

    Anyone know Asda Vegetarian 2 Nut Cutlets Syns please?

    Hi, I'm just starting out on my SW journey and wondered if anyone could tell me how many syns for Asda's frozen Vegetarian 2 Nut Cutlets please? And can anyone recommend low syn ready made vegetarian meals?
  2. healthyobsessions

    Newly Vegetarian

    Hi guys! Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section... feel free to love this to the relevant place if need be. I have recently become vegetarian! Yay! But I am pretty clueless about veggie options/recipes and syn values... could any vegetarians give me some meal ideas/veggie products/syn values...
  3. kxxx90

    Meat free alternatives

    Hi all, I've been searching around for some meat free syn values but everything seems seriously outdated. Does anybody have an up-to-date list of syn values for any meat free products? I know the Quorn peppered steaks are free, so I often have those, but it's nice to have some alternatives...