1. X

    Costa Frostino

    Today I went into Costa with a friend. She had a hot drink which I didn't really feel like having so I thought to heck with it I'll have a small (skinny) salted caramel frostino with a coffee shot, thinking it would be made with ice cream or something... Then while drinking it I thought I'd...
  2. Mini_Kate

    Step2 810kcal Recipes!

    I know this isn't a recipe area of the website but I felt I would put this here as the diaries section is the busiest area! A step 2 week is coming up for a lot of us and I just wondered if anyone would like to share some recipe ideas to help keep us all on track and enjoy some tasty food! Xx
  3. Lauren.B

    My new favourite desert / snack!

    https://instagram.com/p/BBbChe0hyU2/ Hope this works! Trying to use the new social thing by pasting a code!! Anyways, I wanted to try banana pancakes for so long but I never have because I didn't want to syn my banana but I was missing out! I prefer these over the oat pancakes! I checked the...