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Thread: Dukan Bread in the microwave or breadmaker

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    Got to do it this time!!
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    I just made the bread recipe using 1 1/2 tbsp oat bran, 1 tbsp fromage frais, 1 egg, pinch of salt, mixed spice and some splenda and cooked them in my mini doughnut maker - OMG - I got 12 mini doughnuts - sprinkled with a bit more splenda when still hot - fab!
    First attempt and they did taste a bit eggy but more spice should hide that - I will use more spice and splenda in the actual mix next time - but I reckon with some of the flavourings on the Dukan site added they would be fab! Also did the basic bread for brekky tomorrow - I feel a turkey rasher sarnie with mustard coming on!
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    I woke up craving bread today so decided to give it a try. OMG it's delicious! I was so surprised! I really enjoyed it!
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    Can't thank you enough having beem making this everyday makes such a change from the gallettes

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    Tried this yesterday and it was great! Thank you.

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    Such yummy bread! I did a double portion in the micro and it only took a 3min nuke!

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    Ive just got round to making some Dukan bread today.
    it was delicious, couldnt really tell any difference.
    I put a bit into the toaster and my son and husband had a bit, they loved it too and thought it was normal toast.
    really enjoyed making a sandwich today,will do it again in the future.
    Think it will be handy when im out for the day-can take sandwiches out with me.
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    must try

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    its very tasty, I altered the brans slightly cos I use wheatbran and used half my days allowances, works really well.
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