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Thread: Tips for first few days

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    Tips for first few days

    Ive been on meal replacement diet before, I did lipotrim succesfully last year and then transferred onto Exante then eventually gave up.
    Ive since put the weight back on and although im not as heavy as I was I seem to be bigger. I have a box of Exante products but cant seem to find the motivation inside to stick to it for more than a day. Im tempted way to easily, im not happy with how I look and how I feel and need this to change but I dont know where to start. Im going to Alton towers on the 23rd August and would love to to be able to wear something nice for the day but in order to do that I need to lose the weight.
    Has anyone got any tips on how they got through the days before ketosis kicks in.


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    Hi Amie91,

    On my previous Exante journey when I was feeling down I would either have a nice hot cup of Boullion or a nice hot relaxing bath to take my mind of things or go online on my Xbox 360, the main thing is when you start you have got to make sure your in the right frame of mind, its pointless starting if your not as you will just lapse.

    I restarted on Exante Yesterday after a few failed attempts due to not being ready, This time I am...... and am hoping to beat my last loss of 9st 3lbs

    Good luck for your 1st weigh in....
    My New Exante Weight Loss Starts here and now 16th June 2014

    My Start Weight is 24st 3lbs. (
    Back to were i started) ((((((

    Week 1 - 16lbs Loss - Total Solution

    *** This was my PREVIOUS RESULTS FROM EXANTE Total Solution started on 31st Jan 2012 ***

    Week 1 - 15lb, Week 2 - 7lb, Week 3 - 6lb, Week 4 - 7lb, Week 5 - 5lb, Week 6 - 7lb, Week 7 - 6lb, Week 8 - 5lb, Week 9 - 5lb,
    Week 10 - 5lb, Week 11 - 4lb, Week 12 - 6lb, Week 13 - 4lb, Week 14 - 3lb, Week 15 - 6lb, Week 16 - 5lb, Week 17 - 2lb, Week 18 - 3lb, Week 19 - 2lb, Week 20 - 4lb, Week 21 - 4lb, Week 22 - 3lb, Week 23 - 2lb, Week 24 - 2lb, Week 25 - 3lb, Week 26 - 4lb Week 27 - 4lb

    Total Loss 129 lbs / 9 stone 3 Pounds

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    Hi Amie! Welcome!

    I struggled the first few days, I had to literally retreat in to my cave by getting home from work and clambering in to bed to watch Netflix and zone out. I'm lucky I guess because I don't have kids/a partner so can be a bit selfish. I've found now that if I'm wobbling getting some fresh air even if it's standing in the garden helps! Good luck! xx

    Wk 1: -2lbs (TOTM)

    Get under 8 stone to lose
    Get under 300lbs
    Get under 100lbs to lose
    Get into the 20's
    Get into the 19's
    Lose 10% of body weight

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    Im going to attempt a restart again today. I need and want this more than anything, starting the day off with some maple pancakes.

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    Having a bath and getting early nights helps me through the first few days, that and expecting to feel crappy till at least day 5. Lots of water, lots of time on these boards, not expecting much of myself in other areas of my life, and knowing once I get into ketosis it will be a whole different story and much easier to stick to x
    If at
    Lost 10st 4lb July 2009 to March 2010 on LL & Exante, slowly regained all except 5lbs since, restarted Exante June 2014.

    NSV - down 2 belt notches
    NSV - down another 2 belt notches
    NSV - need to make some more holes in belt- 5 inches between latest belt hole and starting one

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    The last time I did a VLCD I was off work for the first two days (easter bank hols), and I found it a bit of a struggle.... but this time I was in work and found it much easier. I thought I would struggle at the weekend because I didn't really have anything planned, but I took advantage of the good weather and gave the car a thorough clean to take my mind off things and keep active.

    If I felt hungry I reached for the bottle of water, or made a cuppa....

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