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Thread: Horrible day...struggling :(

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    Unhappy Horrible day...struggling :(

    On Monday I'll have completed my 4th week. So far it's been great but today sucks!! I'm not hungry, so I can't even use that as an excuse, but all I can think about is food. Feeling quite low today and that's usually when I reach for the crisps and chocolate. This diet is so good and usually my only problem is that I haven't exercised enough. But my psychological reliance on food to comfort me is ridiculous..I guess old habits die hard I won't give in, but I kinda wish I could just go and sleep this day away. Sorry, just need a moan!! Tomorrow's a new day..onward and upward, right? Good luck to all!!

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    Och hon I could have posted this.

    I am exactly the same food has been a crutch for so long for me & it is hard to change a habit of a lifetime.

    Chin up & it will pass.

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