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Thread: The Quit Zits!!

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    The Quit Zits!!

    I everyone! I am on my second go at quittin smoking, having done 3 months the first time, and a Christmas night out with a few puffs doing the damage last time round!

    I am now 30 days smoke free!!

    I feel really good about myself, especially since the worst part is over (I turned into a very evil and emotional witch there for a few weeks, to the OH's delight!).

    One thing I am still struggling with, and I wonder if many others are as well, are the "Quit Zits". I have found I have transformed into a 14 year old girl again with spots popping up all over my face, back, shoulders, arms an chest!

    Any tips on how to fight these? I am washing, exfoliating and moisturizing as normal, and laying off the fake tan, and taking my makeup off as soon as I get home from work. Is there any way to help this or do I have to ride this one out??

    Let me know of you experienced something similar or found a way to combat this!!

    Many thanks

    SM! Xx

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    Hiya SM,

    Congratulations on your stopping, that's brilliant your now over the worst bit. I've been stopped on Monday for 7 weeks / 49 days.

    I did the emotional rollercoaster and diva episodes and occasional drama queen still pops up, but I cant say I have suffered with zits.

    Sorry not to be of any help regarding that but I presume its just like a detox as in your body is riding itself of any toxins. I always remember my sister in law quitting and she had bleeding gums for a few weeks, not something she'd ever suffered with before. So I suppose we all react differently to stopping.

    I have upped my water intake, to help with the dieting side now whether or not that has helped I don't know.

    LiL xx

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    I started using an ecig by skycig 7weeks ago. Used it for approx two weeks the switched to a vapouriser. Haven't looked back so happy.
    Also love getting to experiment with flavours.
    Top tip- buy equipment online and not from one of those shops that are popping up everywhere!!
    2.5 stone down thanks to Slimming World

    Holiday to Egypt 22nd June - Argh!!

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    I stopped over three months ago and my skin has finally settled down.
    Guess it's just part of the process so please don't be deterred. I appreciate that it is rubbish to have them though!
    Lots of water, really can't recommend that enough.
    My skin is now glowing and I am back to just using moisturiser and no foundation, haven't been able to do that for 10 years.
    Keep going and massive congratulations!

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