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    decided to do this...

    I am new to VLCDs. I've read a lot about Alizonne recently and diceded that that's what I'd like to go for eventually (mainly for the skin treatment). As it is quite expensive I need to save up a bit before starting and thought in the meantime I would try another VLCD. I opted for Slim and Save. I have ordered the trial pack, because I thought that's a good way to try all the flavours and it includes a free shaker and brochure. I won't really be able to start before January, because I've got a couple of nights out planned during December with my family (which is visiting from Germany).
    I will start watching my carb and calory intake straight away though. And maybe I will even be able to convince my OH to do it with me.
    I really really need to lose this weight now. My OH and I would like to start a family and by the looks of it we can't do that without fertility treatment. To be able to get that treatment, though, we both need to quite a bit of weight.
    So this is my motivation. Hope to find some inspiration and slimming buddies here.

    My My Weight Loss Journey
    Starting Point: 06/01/2014, 111kg, Butt: 54.7 in, Boobs: 45.3 in, Belly: 50.8 in, dress size 22
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    Week 1: 15/03/2014, 107.3kg, sts TOTM
    Week 2: 22/03/2014,
    Week 3: 29/03/2014,

    Mini Goals:
    1. Get through the first week sticking to Points
    DONE 14/03/2014
    2. Lose 5kg
    3. Lose 10kg
    4. Get under 100kg

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    Hi Sonja, welcome to slim and save

    There are so many on here losing weight to conceive so your in good company.

    Over the years I've been through everything to try and conceive, IUI, IVF and the only thing that worked for me was losing weight so it's definitely worth it x
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    My Slim for Summer Challenge

    Wks 1 -4 - Lost 14lbs
    Wks 5-8 - Lost 11lbs
    Wks 9-10 - (Xmas Break) - Gained 10lbs
    Wks 11-12 - Lost 8lbs so far this month

    Get into the 13s
    Get into the 12s

    Get into the 11s
    Get to Goal Weight of 11 stone
    Get into the 10s (To give me wiggle room for refeed)

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    Best of luck Sonja, there are several others doing S&S so that they can TTC so its great for keeping each other motivated. I've had my kids and I'm here undoing the damage now haha xx

    Start weight - 14st 9lbs
    Current weight - 11st 1lb
    Goal weight - 9st 7lbs

    Nov - 14lbs lost
    Dec - 14lbs lost
    Jan - 9lbs lost
    Feb - 7lbs lost
    Mar - 6lbs lost

    To be in the 10s by end of April
    To be in 9s by May 30th

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