Well Happy New Year to all ...... I am determined that this will be the year that I am going to understand food and become happy with my body with the inclusion of weight loss
i am going to follow slimming world, I am currently reading Josie Gibsons Diet book and find it interesting how the mind and food are linking from reading the book I am a mindless muncher which I can see in my day to day life
I also have a 4 month old puppy which will be my long walking partner much to his dismay as well as some work out DVDs

i have so many things to look forward to this year and want to be confident with my body and wear the clothes I long to wear!

I have set myself monthly challenges and if I reach them I have rewards such as by end of February I am going to Newcastle for a night out! A swell my birthday is in June so if I have lost 2st by then I will buy a lipsy dress for birthday night out! I have I need motivation and goals to look to fingers crossed this year I will get to grips with food and be a happy healthy girl at the end of the year wearing a lovely dress at my graduation

anyone who who has got any advice or tip will be greatly appreciated

claire x

current weight 11st