Getting motivated


Hi, I'm Lou and I am in desperate need of motivation!!

Looking to lose around 3 stone and hoping this forum will help me to stay focused and accountable.

I work full time desk job from home so looking to up my activity because currently I'm reeeeeally sedentary. I also love home baking and cooking from scratch but my issues are snacking and eating too much of the home baking!!! Again, hoping this forum will keep my accountable.

I am a single mother to a teenager, enjoy sewing, board games, reading and buying candles lol.

Would welcome any tips/tricks (or short cuts 😉) or just some good old encouragement! Xx
Hi @LouLou. welcome in. Im here quite a while but the forum has got very quiet and sometimes I'm the only one here. But I still post as even talking to myself I find it great encouragement.
I cook from scratch too which helps me stay on track, I food prep at the weekend. I told am at a desk and not moving all day so having lunches ready to grab really helps. I've completely given up home baking, just too much temptation and I never realised how much tasting I did while cooking.
Yeah every time I bake something I 'taste test' multiple times 😂 i don't think I could ever give it up entirely (my son would be devastated lol) but definitely should cut back - or at least find something "healthier" to bake!

Hopefully the forum will pick up again (although i think they are all pretty quiet these days!)
hi @LouLou. I’m also here. Hope you’re getting on well. I need to get back on my treadmill soon as a daily thing but just focusing on shifting the weight first. My job also has me sat down a lot but my hours are extreme and I have to have a huge amount of energy to keep on top of everything. I can’t wait to be at goal. 4.5/5 stone to lose with just under 3 stone to go xx