1. LadyAlexandra

    Need a slimming world buddy!

    Hey guys, I'm a cereal slimming world quitter and now at the biggest I have ever been, I need a buddy to keep me on track. I know the diet well enough but I just can't stick to it. Someone help! 😩
  2. F

    Step 1 Sole Source Hey I am a newby.

    Hi guys. I am starting my journey today. Does anybody want to buddy up? I have 5 stone to lose in total, breaking that down into separate stones. I have a graduation ceremony in mid October and a holiday mid November, so it might be a very bumpy road. Who's up for it?
  3. tipperary

    Tipperary wobbles into 2024

    Morning all, just joined MiniMins and posted about myself in Introductions. Anyway, I am 49 and would love to be a respectable weight before I am 50. I find I hard to follow specific weight plans or clubs so found that the WeMitt forum is the "best fit" for me here at MiniMins. I hope to just...
  4. AmyD93xo

    IBS and Slimming World - Buddy request?

    Hi, I'm 22 years old and have been following Slimming World since October 2015. I have around 2 stone to lose for me. I have suffered with IBS for 6 years now and would love a buddy to chat with and possibly confess our muckups and just full on support. If anyone would be interested at all I...