Need a slimming world buddy!

Hey guys, I'm a cereal slimming world quitter and now at the biggest I have ever been, I need a buddy to keep me on track. I know the diet well enough but I just can't stick to it. Someone help! 😩
Hi LadyAlexandra.
I'm exactly the same, I've joined and quit SW so many times it's ridiculous. I really want ro go back to meetings to try and conquer my weight once and for all but unfortunately can't afford it right now. I'm hoping that posting on here each week will help - that said, I had the best of intentions to start yesterday and it just didn't happen. Todays going downhill fast too so think I'm going to have to try a Wed weigh day now!
I'm happy to support you if I can. Good luck with your journey, I'm sure you'll do well :)
That's brilliant FixatedOn. I'm new to SW so what are your tips for success?
Well, I'm no expert, just sticking to a plan! The keys seem to be, lots of water (not included in tea or coffee, actual water!), a little more exercise, all I'm doing is a bit more walking and not beating yourself up if you have a 'bad' day.
Well good for you, you've done really well...
I had the bizarre experience of eating everything in sight for a couple of weeks before I started, only to find I'd lost 4lbs.. anyway I'll find out on Monday if I've lost anything this week... fingers crossed. I know I've overeaten Syns a couple of days by accident, ie I thought something was 1.5 and then found out it was 5.5... Whoops!
Oh that happens, not the end of the world. I had a bit of a slump, slowed right down, but I seem to have kicked back into gear recently.