1. dreamingthin19

    Syns subway raspberry cheesecake cookie?

    If I just ate one of them then how much would be in it by the way no I can't figure it out myself I'm absolutely crap at maths
  2. H

    How many syns?

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody could please tell me how many syns is 1 cookie from the free from gluten, wheat & milk chocolate chip cookie range at Tesco? I have recently started doing Slimming World on my own and I can't seem to find anywhere how many syns there are. Thankyou :)
  3. Fuerte


    i used to love the poridge. I started the diet again 3 weeks ago and decided to have my poridge. I been saving it for a treet. Yuck - it was vile. I added a pinch of salt - still yuck - the added a bit of sepia to sweeted - still yuck. The text ture was horrible and the taste discusting??? I...