healthy extra b

  1. sarah champion

    healthy extra B carrot cake??

    Hi was wondering if i could have this recipe without icing as a healthy extra B. Its made with wholemeal flour it has less fat and calories with the spread I use and there are HEXBs with more fat and calories than this and this has a carrots in...
  2. J

    Porridge HEXB

    Can I use the oats so simple original as healthy b as I've heard you can't as you can only use the big bowel. Any help is great. Thanks x
  3. J

    What is the best bread to eat for your healthy B ???

    There are so many different types of bread and was wondering what is the best one that wont put the weight on that i can take for my lunch at work. Thanks
  4. hananafritters

    Tesco Easy Oats HEB

    I'd been using Tesco Easy Oats (1 sachet) as my HEB as I checked the ingredients and it is literally just rolled oats but measured out into sachets. But when I checked the SW app it said that I'm supposed to syn them. I don't really understand why as Quaker Oats So Simple sachets - which are...
  5. S

    Aldi Harvest morn porridge Oats as a hexb?

    Iv inserted a pic, does 40g of this count? Or do I need syn it?
  6. electromily

    BFree Sweet Potato Wraps

    Hi, I'm mildly gluten intolerant, and have recently tried BFree's new sweet potato wraps. They are 95 calories with about 4.8g of fibre... Knowing that their whole meal wraps are 4.5 syns or a healthy extra, I need some advice about the sweet potato ones. I thought they may be better because...
  7. D

    How are the cereals in Healthy Extras worked out?

    How can you tell if the cereal is a healthy extra or not? Is there a formula based on the amount of sugar, fat, and fibre? If so, what are the requirements? Sorry if this has been asked before