1. L

    Indian Takeaway tonight!!

    Hi guys, i'm getting an Indian takeaway tonight. I know a lamb rogan josh is a good thing to have, or a dhansak, but I was wondering if anyone knew how many syns are in a patia? Can't find it anywhere!
  2. Skurli

    Extra Easy Indian Takeaway Tarka Daal Syn?

    Hi everyone. Was wondering if someone could check the syns in tarka daal as none of my local takeaways seem to do a chickpea dhal unfortunately. Tried searching the thread for similar post but could find one related to M&S Tarka Dhal soup. Thank you Lisa
  3. Chris Judson

    Slimming World Indian Meal Recommendation

    Guys, so, since being on SlimmingWorld, when i go out for a indian meal, i tend to stick to Tandori meat. So if i have a starter i tend to go with Lamb Kofta type things, then main: something like this, very simple, try and stay away from Naan...