1. B

    Trying to get back on track with Slimming World

    Hi, I started Slimming World in January this year and managed to lose a stone and a half, but I have 'fallen off the wagon' so to speak and need to get back on track. Just can't seem to get as motivated as I was at the start of the year! Need some tips/inspiration please because I'm finding it...
  2. HellieCopter

    Instagram for SW inspiration?

    Hello team :) Does anyone use Instagram? I have used it generally for ages but decided to set up a separate SW account so I can post as much SW and food related stuff as I like without bombarding my normal timeline with food and syns, haha. Can anyone suggest good accounts to follow? If anyone...
  3. H

    Hi, Mr Call Drier here...

    Hi All. New to this, looking for support and inspiration as I start my weight loss journey. Here's hoping the MiniMins community can help
  4. LucieLovesIt

    Lucie's SW Journey from 24 Stone to 15 Stone - 1lbs at a time!

    Hi everyone, My name's Lucie and I've decided I want to lose 9(ish) stone. *waves* In an attempt to save some pennies, I thought I'd sign upto Minimins and use the forum to document my food diary, gain inspiration and meal idea's as well as support from some of you beautiful beautiful...