1. Muppet182

    Diary of a food muppet

    Ah, I come to share the nonsense in my head following yet another set back. I technically started Cambridge Weight Plan last month and have lost just over a stone, but I keep finding myself still eating. It's not difficult, just eat your products woman and stop the nonsense. To be fair, my...
  2. Chunky_Tiger

    Chunky_Tiger's SW Journey

    Hi everyone! :D I've decided to re-start my Slimming World Journey again tomorrow. I've joined around 4 times to groups over the last year, and miserably failed every time. I had a mental breakdown in a clothes store yesterday due to the fact the jeans I tried on wouldn't even get up my...
  3. M

    Slimming world journal

    Hi there, I have recently joined slimming world and doing my journal however I haven't got the activity tab so can't record what exercise I am doing. My mum is doing it too yet has activity show up on hers I am just wondering if anyone knows why I can't record my activity Please?