Hi everyone! :D

I've decided to re-start my Slimming World Journey again tomorrow. I've joined around 4 times to groups over the last year, and miserably failed every time.

I had a mental breakdown in a clothes store yesterday due to the fact the jeans I tried on wouldn't even get up my thighs and they were a size 18! Course I went home and thought enough is enough, something needs to change once and for all.

I'm 27 years old, live with my wonderful fella and have always been overweight. I lost quite a lot a few years back but then I met my current boyfriend 2 years ago and I've put around 4 stone on since, all them date nights! :p

I've actually decided to do it different this time, So I've joined Slimming World Online. I've also got all my books out, done a food shop, charged my Fitbit and bought some new scales and did the daunting weigh in. Later on I'll be doing my measurements to keep a track of them too and make a note on here.

I'll be weighing in once a week at home (Tuesday) I use an Instagram to snap my food pictures and my journal to write down my losses or gains, and measurements also.

This will help with all of that too, and my ups and downs of my day!
I hope everybody is well!:) :rainbow:

(06/06/17) - 17 Stone 2.5lbs
Yesterday went good. I didn't manage to eat much before I finished work at 4pm as it was busy and I forgot my lunch!

Breakfast; 2 Alpen Bar Light (HexB)
Lunch; 2 Plums (Speed)
Dinner; SW Meatballs, Pasta, Passata with garlic and herbs, Mushrooms (Speed) and topped with my Cheese (HexA)
Snack; Muller light yoghurt (Free)

Ended on 6 syns due to a couple of naughty coffees :rolleyes:

I also took my measurements last night.

Bust - 43 Inches
Waist - 45 Inches
Hips - 53.5 Inches
Thighs - 28 Inches
Arms - 15.2 Inches
Calfs - 17.6 Inches
well done, i also am newly re joined, my first week back on plan lost 3.3lbs which is a start, whats your instagram?
Day 3 has gone pretty well, and yesterday also (didn't have time to post)

Yesterday's food intake;

Breakfast; 2 Poached eggs (P) Mushrooms and Tomatoes, plums (Speed)
Lunch; Pasta, Cucumber, Onion (Speed) & 0.5 syns of light mayo
Dinner; 2 slices of seedy Hovis (9 syns) Chicken (P) Cucumber, tomatoes, onion, lettuce, gherkins (Speed) Cheese (HexA)

Today's food intake;

Breakfast; 2 plums, satsuma (Speed) & 2 Alpen light bars (HexB)
Lunch; Chilli chicken, spiralised salad box (Speed) Vietnamese dressing (1.5 syns)
Dinner; 2 fat reduced sausages (1 syn) beans, poached egg, lean bacon (P) Mushrooms, tomatoes, onions (Speed) half a TBSP of brown sauce (0.5 syns)

I've been filling up on alot of speed foods, trying to use the stairs more at work, and drinking plenty of water also.

Me and the OH were chatting about how it's been nice cooking.
We used to spend at least £20 each time on a take away, sometimes 4 times a week even when we had food in the cupboards, we would literally throw away so much fresh food along with 5 empty pizza boxes. Feels good saving money and eating right aswell as losing weight :)

I did however have the urge to run across the road tonight for a kebab but after a pep talk Iwent and shoved my reduced fat sausages in the oven. Guilt free :D
Got weighed today.

Lost 2.5lbs this week, pretty happy with that as me and the OH went out for date night last night for tapas.

When I started my old SW group on the 2nd May, I weighed 17 Stone 6.5lbs, then took 3 off plan losing 0.5lbs only before starting SW Online last week and lost this 2.5lbs. Better late than never but I'm proud I've lost 6.5lbs since then!