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  1. N

    New attempt at shifting the lbs

    So tonight I'm going to my first SW meeting in an attempt to lose my gut for good! It's not my first attempt at SW but I'm determined to make it my last :) Right now I'm not 100% sure what my weight is but I think its around 14st and I'm a size 16. At my heaviest I was almost 17st and wore a...
  2. PandaNate

    Smart Points Pandabear's large weight-loss journey.

    Hello! Welcome to my Smartpoints - Weight Watchers food diary. I'm Renate. I'm 27 and I started this journey at 18st 9lb. My heaviest. I am top heavy, I am very big boobed, so I never look my weight and people are usually surprised when they learn of my weight. I'm 5'6, this is new to me as...