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So tonight I'm going to my first SW meeting in an attempt to lose my gut for good! It's not my first attempt at SW but I'm determined to make it my last :)
Right now I'm not 100% sure what my weight is but I think its around 14st and I'm a size 16. At my heaviest I was almost 17st and wore a size 22 and my target is to get into a size 10 dress when I go on a girls holiday to LA in November. I'm determined to no longer be the 'fat one' of my friends and I want to feel good about myself when I step on the beach!
I think I'm going to use this thread as a way to keep track of what I'm eating and what exercise I'm doing (if any!). I must admit I'm very lazy and don't often do any exercise but that could all change :)
Any helpful hints anybody can offer me are very welcome. I've used Minimins in the past and I know that everybody here is so lovely, I shall use you all as motivation in my weak moments!

Thanks Mini! I've just got back from my first meeting and I actually weigh a lot more than I first thought! I'm feeling really positive about the week ahead and I'm planning to do a food shop after work tomorrow to fully prepare myself
Also, I completely forgot about hi-if bars so I grabbed a pack before I left the meeting and am now enjoying a salted caramel flavour bar with a cup of tea ☕
You sound like your head is in the right place to do this now...makes all the difference .
The hi-fi bars are delicious and I find they satisfy my sweet tooth.:)
Good luck with your weight loss this week. You can do it!
So far so good, I'm on day 2 and am still feeling very motivated. I usually find that when I start a new diet regime I'm really enthusiastic for the first week or so and then I lose interest. That's why I have signed up to groups this time around rather than going it alone. I'm hoping that the weekly pep-talks will keep me on track.
My food shopping is being delivered tonight when I get home from work so I will be all set for the week ahead. I decided to do an online shop from Iceland so that I can try out the SW range. It looks amazing so I have bought quite a bit so that I can stock up my freezer.
Hi I'm looking for slimming world support and was wondering if I could join in with you on here .I am a life time slimming world member but haven't been for months and the weight has piled on .I've gained just under 3 stone and I'm struggling to get my head round it .I suppose I should go back to group but I thought I would try and do it on my own ,it's so hard when we love our food ,thanks Sam.