loosing weight

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    My journey to eating better

    Ok, so - I’m starting my journey to go back to my weight from 2016-2017 - the goal is to learn how to eat better and loose weight - I don’t want to put the weight back on so I decided I need to focus on good eating habits- I’m ok with the process taking longer. Today’s weight - 16 stone and 11...
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    Im so unhappy

    Hi guys, im completely new to this website and im not even sure if im posting this in the right place but here goes! Im 22 stone and 20 years old, im so unhappy with my body and over the past 12 months ive gained more weight than ever and i have tried not to think about it until i really sat...
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    Slug and lettuce

    Hi, I’m fairly new to slimming world and I am going out tomorrow night to celebrate passing my course. What is the best thing for me to eat from slug and lettuce? I have tried to find the Syns but have had no luck! Thanks in advance xx