My journey to eating better

Ok, so - I’m starting my journey to go back to my weight from 2016-2017 - the goal is to learn how to eat better and loose weight - I don’t want to put the weight back on so I decided I need to focus on good eating habits- I’m ok with the process taking longer.
Today’s weight - 16 stone and 11 lbs

at the moment I’m kick starting my journey with “Egg fast”
Food I had today:
3 boiled eggs
Scrambled eggs (2 eggs) twice
6 Babybel
3 days on egg fast and whooping 7,5 lbs down. Had 1 additional day on egg fast with added vegetables to start transitioning to Slimming world

Today Slimming world Day 1
Had my breakfast - overnight oats with fat free quark and skinny sugar free vanilla syrup - with pear and kiwi
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Successful day!
for lunch I had only free and speed food - pasta, chicken, carrots and peas
snack - grapefruit, 1 babybel light (Healthy A) and rice snack - 4 syns
Dinner - speed and free foods again - I’ve made a salad with some greens, spinach, cucumber, celery, onion, tomatoes, small handful of pasta and tuna - super yummy
and so filling

total syns today = 4
So yesterday was a good day - I’ve had lovely meals and keeping with the slimming world rules - I’ve made low syn dip for veggie sticks and enjoyed all my meals.
Waiting to check my weight on Monday - I’m not sure if it will be lower than what it was on egg fast but I expected some of that weight to go back as egg fast is so different to slimming world, overall really happy I’m feeling good about my food choices and that’s the main thing. I’ve used up all syns today - had a wafer snack but I’m not feeling guilty like I would on any other diet/food plan.

My lunch yesterday (pic below) - pasta without heavy sauce and no oil! Still packed with flavour and so absolutely delivious 💖


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Weight - 16st 5lbs - first week 6lbs down, makes me excited for next week
Yesterday I prepped some chilli - thats few easy meals for this week, I also had super tasty rice noodle salad.
Today gonna go grocery shopping to top up my fruits and vegetables

Yesterday syns: 5


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I’m really happy how it’s going, I’ve been told I look like a lost some weight. The meals have been great and using syns for some snacks means I don’t have cravings and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.
Picture of my dinner last night


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Yesterday and today have been great, I’ve enjoyed my food, there are so many things I can enjoy - I’ve had some steak lettuce wraps for dinner and they were amazing! I also enjoy my overnight oats - packed with fruit they are perfect breakfast.


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Ok so, minor set back - I had 2 dinners out and I’ve decided to enjoy myself instead of choosing smarter - so didn’t loose any weight last week but at least I didn’t put any back on.

I’ve got my blood tests results which are not good, so putting extra effort from now on to make sure I get healthier

I also decided I will check my weight on Fridays - I think it will motivate me to keep going on the weekends
Set back due to hospital appointments and health issues, but back to eating good

1 syn breakfast - omelette with spinach, peppers, parma ham (with most fat removed) 2 slices 1/2 syn each - topped with cress

My weight in days are on Fridays now so I’m hoping I will be happy with the result


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On Monday I started with 16 stone 7 lbs due to gaining some of my initial weight back. Weight today 16 stone 4 lbs - my lowest check weight yet - fully motivated, no more hospital appointments and stressing about this.

Hopefully I will only see the numbers going down
Not loosing much weight but at least not gaining any. 1 lbs lower than my last check in weight - but waiting till Friday to see if it will hold or fall even lower.
I’m on egg fast again and I think I will do egg fast for 3 days every week then Slimming world but try to eat as many speed meals as possible

wish me luck
Yet another trip go hospital last week, holding me back from going back gym as I’m still recovering
I’m still loosing weight just a bit slower I would have liked
So, I’ve checked my measurements - bust, waist, belly button line and hips - across all I lost 17cm! Couldn’t be happier! A pair of trouser I couldn’t even pull together now I can zip and button up!

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring 💖


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Hi Eat but Slim, how are you getting on? I’m going back to SW on Saturday