meal plans

  1. F

    Extra Easy Dairy free syn free meal ideas

    I've been following slimming world for 5mths now & 6 1/2 lb from target... Over the past 3wks only lost 2lbs and think I need to switch things up abit foodwise. Any meal ideas ?.. FYI- I hate potatoes & don't eat much pasta (about once a month). I normally use cauliflower rice instead of real...
  2. Honeyslade


    Hi, I have been drinking shakes, missing meals and not drinking correctly. This has resulted in poor health, so I have now started slimming world this week. Monday - Friday; I have found a routine as I work in an office and have had a set plan in place. How ever it is Saturday and I am...
  3. QueenOmi

    Any tips or advice welcome!

    Breakfast Wedge of Watermelon Lunch Omelette with mushrooms/healthy living ham & spring onion 2 Clementines Snacks Pack of chipstick that I stupidly left in my desk and have been taunting me (6 syns) Dinner 3 Mallon low fat gluten free sausages Mash (without any butter) Baked Beans
  4. AmyVictoria

    Amy's Starting Again Diary!

    Hi Guys, So for all the usual reasons I of course fell off the wagon before. New House, New Job, ect. But I am so sick of being the fat one. I am going to pop my food diaries on here in the hopes that looking back on the bad days will help me stay motivated. If anyone does happen to read...