1. I

    Everyman cinema menu

    Hi all I'm thinking of going to an Everyman cinema at some point to treat myself...and I can't help but look at the food menu. Does anyone have any idea of the syn values for Everyman food? I know that cinema popcorn is off limits, I tend to target the "sharing plates" section really. Any help...
  2. MrsE13

    Extra Easy 7 Day Student/Budget Menu Diary

    I joined Slimmung World this week for a happy and healthy pregnancy but unfortunately had an early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy as I think it is called. I do actually need to lose weight, so I am going to continue the diet. I am terrible at keeping and maintaining diarys. So I'm just going...
  3. NikolaLuigi

    Pub lunch

    Hi everyone :) I am going to the Cricketers pub in Horsell in a few weeks for a family event, and don't know what to have from the menu :confused: I was thinking either jacket potato with tuna mayo, or...