Hi everyone :)

I am going to the Cricketers pub in Horsell in a few weeks for a family event, and don't know what to have from the menu :confused:

I was thinking either jacket potato with tuna mayo, or the gammon egg and chips without the chips. No starter or pudding - and I'll count the full 10 syns for whatever I have and have a syn free day around it. Do you think this will cover me or should I be having a different option?

Thanks in advance! :):):)
Jackets are always a better option. Ask them to do one with baked beans, no dressing on the salad, no butter on the jacket and then its syn free! The Tuna Mayo will probably be quite high as using full fat mayo.
Or if you are feeling hungry have a steak and ask them to replace the chips with a jacket potato.
Thanks bubbalicious :)

I don't eat Steak, so won't go for that, but probably will go for the Jacket potato with baked beans - if they do them! I am not sure if they do, as no other meals have them, but always worth asking!