1. A

    That time of the month ladies!

    Hey everyone, so.. I got my period on Sunday.. My weigh in is on Thursday. I've been drinking loads of water to flush - have any of you any experiences with weight gain when on their menstrual cycle? If so, let me know. Thanks All! x
  2. Alsay

    VLCD inducing a period after not having period for a long time???

    I have had very irregular periods over the last few years with my steady and fast weight gain and they stopped a few months ago. Is it just a coincidence that my period started 5 days into my VLCD? There hasn't been any significant weight loss...but has anyone had any menstrual changes when...
  3. serife

    Feeling really weak from period?

    Hi I'm on day 4 of my Cambridge diet, currently I'm having 3 shakes and a meal of chicken and broccoli. Day 4 and my period started a few hours ago, I had 1 shake and felt really weak and tired so I went to sleep with some pain killers. Woke up feeling better until I came downstairs to make...